About The Grooves Cover Band

How We Make Every Event the Event of the Year

Whether you want a rockin’ dance party or an electrifying live show, one thing’s for sure. You want everyone to have a great time at your event! We live to make that happen for you. In fact, our mission is to knock it out of the park and make every event we play a smashing success. We thrive off of seeing people have a wonderful time, which plays into our larger vision as a band.

Ultimately, we want to bring together friends, families, coworkers, and other partygoers to create fun-filled experiences that everyone can look back on with fondness long after the party’s over. We’ve been working toward that vision now for more than 27 years. Curious to know how it all started?

The Start and Evolution of The Grooves

I’m Ron—bandleader of The Grooves—and I started out in an original band. I loved playing original music but it was tough to stay booked and busy. So I took a cue from the many booking agents who kept telling me that there were gigs to be booked and money to be made in playing covers.

The band decided to give it a try and, once we did, we all agreed that we’d never had so much fun playing music. It was so rewarding to see guests having an absolute blast, dancing and singing along to their favorite songs. We were hooked! And we still are all these years later even though there have been some challenges along the way.

Learning How to Fuel a Party

One challenge we faced early on was figuring out which songs would hit the spot. We knew we couldn’t just play the songs we liked; we had to choose songs that would be entertaining for folks of all ages and get them on the dance floor when the occasion called for it. Whew… tricky!

In addition to listening to people’s requests, we’ve tried hundreds of songs over the years to figure out which ones get the party started and keep it alive. Today we have 170+ of the most loved songs of all time songs in our repertoire to entertain and impress your guests.

Working Hard For Clients Like You

Additionally, we had a bit of a learning curve when it came to figuring out what people needed in terms of information, event planning help, and reassurance so that they could feel confident in booking The Grooves. We did (and still do) a lot of listening to clients to figure those things out. Has it paid off? You bet!

Our clients will tell you that they love our friendly and responsive communication style. Not to mention our thorough process to make sure that you have all the info you need from us and we have all the equipment and info we need to contribute to a spectacular event that goes off without a hitch.

The Grooves Today

Today, we are one of the most flexible bands in Texas. We can provide anywhere from a 3-piece to 10-piece band to accommodate your budget and any space restrictions, as well as to create the perfect vibe for your party.

Not to mention that, over the years, we’ve created a huge collection of costumes and equipment that allows us to provide the best experience for any event.

And, outside of our amazing band, we also work with some of the best talent in Austin. For example, we can call in dancers to give your event an extra wow factor or a DJ to keep people dancing in between our sets.

We’re a true one-stop-shop. When you book us, you won’t have to worry at all about entertainment. As long as you let us know what you need, you can trust that we’ve got all the bases covered!

Starting to Notice a Theme?

With The Grooves, it all comes back around to you and your guests. If you ask us, getting a great result for you and creating amazing, memorable experiences for your guests is what it’s all about!

We can’t wait to start your party!

Ron and The Grooves

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