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Watch us perform below! Like what you see? Reach out to your booking agent with questions or to book us. We’d love to rock your party!

Watch us perform below! Like what you see? Reach out to your booking agent with questions or to book us. We’d love to rock your party!

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Our Wedding Performances

A wedding is one of the most special occasions there is. Whether it’s your big day or you’re just helping with the planning, you want it to be fun and memorable for all. A live wedding band can do the trick, especially when that band is The Grooves!

How We Create Unforgettable Experiences

Depending on what you’re after and your budget, we offer a 5 or 10-piece band. Either way, you’re getting the most entertaining group of musicians in Texas who give it 110% every time. Our high-energy dance band gets everyone amped up and out on the dance floor having fun with live music everyone can enjoy.

We bring more to the table than just spectacular musicianship, though. We’ve got top-notch sound equipment and lighting to create the best, most memorable receptions. We can even get in costume to match a specific theme if there is one!

There are some other options available to our wedding clients as well. For those who want to add a touch of class, we can do a cocktail piano show. And, in terms of the actual wedding ceremony, we can provide equipment such as mics and sound systems so that everything goes off without a hitch. In other words, The Grooves can help you impress your guests!

What You Get From Us

Rather than adding one more task to a to-do list that’s already a mile long, you can pass the MCing duties to us. That’s one less thing you have to worry about during the reception, which frees you up to enjoy the fun!

What else do you get from The Grooves? A flexible band that knows when to ramp it up and tone it down. We play a low, classy dinner set so that everyone can enjoy eating and chatting, and then we kick it up a notch with dance music that’ll keep the energy up until the end.

Ultimately, we create fun experiences that everyone will look back on years from now and say, “That was SO AWESOME!”

“This All Sounds Great But….”

You’ve only got one shot at picking the right band to cap off something as special as a wedding. You want to be sure you’re getting it right, right? Of course!

Both from common questions and reading between the lines, we’ve identified some of the main concerns people have. While there’s some crossover of concerns with other types of events, there are some key considerations for weddings. They are appropriate volume, professionalism, reliability, and entertainment value. We’re sure these things are all very important to you.

Here’s what we have to say about each of them.


Who wants music blasting while the cake is being cut, announcements are being made, or dinner is being served? Yet, this is a real worry for many people, especially if they’ve seen or heard of bands who don’t adjust to the flow of events or the atmosphere. The Grooves, on the other hand, pay attention and adjust our volume accordingly. And we’re never so loud that you can’t hear yourself think…let alone hear the person next to you talk


There’s no shortage of horror stories going around. Bands showing up late, band members getting drunk and falling offstage, bands just being generally unprofessional. We are the complete opposite. Our sole goal is for people to look back on our performance with nothing but positivity. We’ve been meeting that goal for 26 years and counting!


Of course, reliability and professionalism go hand-in-hand. But we couldn’t forget to mention another common worry that people have. “What if the band doesn’t show up?” Whether you’ve had this happen to you before or not, you’ve probably asked yourself that question. How do we answer? This way. We don’t miss shows. That’s all there is to it. If we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there on time and ready to get your guests on the dance floor.

Entertainment Value

Picking the right songs is essential to get people out of their seats and up on their feet dancing. Over the years, we’ve worked had to figure out which songs people love and have a great time dancing to. Now we’ve got more than 170 to choose from in various genres. You’d better believe that we’ve got the right songs to create a fantastic dance party for you.

Professional Band for Hire Throughout Texas

Planning an upcoming wedding reception in Texas? Need a rockin’ live band? Let your booking agent know you want The Grooves!

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Watch us perform below! Like what you see? Reach out to your booking agent with questions or to book us. We’d love to rock your party!

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